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Dear friends,
welcome to the website of Manhattan, N.Y. s.r.o., a publishing house that has been here for you since 2007.

Reading is our world, we have fun with it every day and you can join us. In our store you will find books focused on self-discovery and self-love, personal and spiritual development, spirituality, meditation and health. They will lead you on a journey full of inner life adventure and will become your guides.

Make your dream come true in the Talent Club.

Would you like to become a bestselling author and have your book published? Become a new writing star? It is easy! Visit our Talent Club. Fill out a simple registration form here and send us samples of your work. After reading them, we will assess the possibilities of our further cooperation and will let you know the result within the next 14 days.

Would you like to become a well-known artist too? We will awaken your artistic talent, even if you may not be a professional painter or sculptor. The Talent Club is here for you! We will publish and sell your works in the Atelier OPEN SPACE s.r.o.. The process is the same as for writers. Sign up and send us samples of your work. If we are interested, we will contact you within 14 days.

Linda Mikušková