Majesty Oscar

Majesty Oscar is a charming woman with a Hollywood type of charisma as well as a woman with manners owned by English aristocrats. She has a lot of understanding for universal matters and relationships. She has strongly developed rational thinking, almost logical, scientist like, which is visible. Her thoughts are clear and objective for others to understand and accept her. When you are around her you may have unusual thoughts, which need to be utilized. These thoughts will lead you to a process of growth because negative thoughts, which we struggle with, will completely disappear. According to Majesty’s opinion, events in life that are visible and somehow perceived are not as important as those which we are not able to be captured and processed in our minds.

The author’s first book “Story of A Young Soul” was based on her real life stories. Majesty Oscar felt the urge to pass on her almost unbelievable experiences in order not to lose them and to uncover the mysterious veil of the “other” world. Let’s indulge in the reading of this interesting book and try to understand some of the Laws of Universe. Our life will gain a better quality.