Events & Competitions

Uborsko 1.7. – 8. 7. 2017

Dear creators,
Our first Get Together was during a Summer Stay Course. We spent 8 days together– relaxing fun with daily artwork. We stayed at the amazing Bed and Breakfast in Úborsko, in Janovice nad Úhlavou. We drew and painted from 1. - 8.7.2017.
The Course was lead by a painter and creator Miluška Fišerová. The nature of Šumava, cozy accommodation and an excellent kitchen created a beautiful atmosphere for working. As well as painting and drawing we spent time relaxing in sauna and jacuzzi, we enjoyed massages and submersion into the rhythms of dance for women.

We managed to create a lot of inspiring artwork using various techniques and styles. We used tempera, oil, pencil, chalk and pastel.

Thank you very much for the magical start of summer 2017!